colorful flowers
Praise The LORD! Good morning to everyone. This morning I am home doing one of the things that I do enjoy doing. And that is painting, yes painting things that are old and bringing newness to them. I am working on a floor stand lamp at this time. One of my talents that I use to do long time ago, that I allowed the devil to steal from me. I truly desire bringing old things back to newness. Sometimes you have to take back what the devil has taken from you, and this is one of them. I am loving, and enjoying it very much. I been working on this project for three days. I like doing things without trying to rush into get them done so fast. I thank God for the times He has given me to do this. I took it back from the devil, and I still got it in me…Praise the LORD, and I give all the Glory to Jesus Christ. If you notice I used the word (newness)right? This is the same as when I was unwanted, broken down, thrown away, walked over, I was so messed up. Many people said I was no count, no longer needed or wanted, and was no longer useful. Have anyone ever felt that way? or you maybe feeling this way in your own life today. Well here I am to tell you, you have a choice. Sometimes with people they may see you as that. But to Christ Jesus He says different, He took me and mold me into the palms of His own hands and created beauty. Yes that is who I am today, I am beautiful. He saw the use; to use me in His own way. Just as I saw in this floor lamp. I saw something that someone else didn’t see. And I went and did what needed to be done, to bring it back to newness. The scripture said in Psalm 40:3 He has put a new song in my mouth…Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear,And will trust in the LORD. That is what God has done to me, and that is what He can do for anyone, that would love for Him to put a new song in their mouth. There are so many hurting people in this dark world, that is in need of a (NEWNESS). Today we are facing the darkest hours…Let us help those who are needing a newness, and only one that can give them that; is Our LORD, And Savior Christ Jesus…Amen! Have a Bless Day…Let this be a day that we will reach out to those who need a newness in their life today. Let them see the newness that Christ has put in you..Amen!Agape!

Sister Joe Green/ WOG


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