Good Morning everyone! Glory Be To God. God has the Glory out of my life. This morning I am up early, enjoying my bless days that God has given me to rest, enjoy, and do the assignments that He has put before me. This morning the word “RESPECT” came to my mind and heart. I know many of you know the meaning of this word. Today this word came to me with a question. How are we and how have we been disrespecting the “HOMELESS” do we respect them as a people? as human beings? are do we disrespect them on a corner? Do some of us turn our heads when they approach us? Do some of us in our minds state loudly or maybe quietly this remark “I do not want to be bothered with he or she; or you may have made a statement to your friends, that you don’t care if they can’t find a place to lay their head. I have heard so many remarks and nasty statements that has been spoken out of people mouths. My question I ask…Have you ever thought that one day you may be homeless. It can happen now as I am sharing this message with you. Have you ever tasted what it may be like to be homeless,and if you have you may didn’t wanted anyone to know. You may have tried so hard to put it as far back as you can. I have not forgotten the days I was homeless, I don’t put it far behind. Because it is my life journey testimony. And that is why I can say God got the glory out of it. Today we have thousands, and may more than this number who are without food, shelter, clothes, etc. I know that there are many faithful people who are doing God’s assignment. It is not for you nor me to make disrespectful statements at the Homeless. There are many reasons why we have homeless in our World. What I like to ask are you helping? It doesn’t have to be on holidays to help those in needs. You don’t have to wait to see someone helping to do it. jump in anyhow!! You don’t have to do it to just say you did it. God see’s whats in each of our hearts.You want to do it because the LORD said that we are to help those who are poor mental, physical, and spiritual in need. **1 TIMOTHY 6:18-19 Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share,storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.** That is the reason we all want to help. When we disrespect the poor, we are disrespecting Jesus Christ. Think of that homeless person that is being disrespected daily who has none reason to be disrespected by me, nor you. We don’t know them, have you ever taken the time to ask them what happen or you just don’t care? Well I needed to write this today, as I have said before. God has allowed me to see so much though His eyes, and I hear so much with His ears. God bless you and hope one day you will never have to experience the life of a homeless, even it may be one day. And then why not see for yourself what it is like. Pull off your shoes, and step your feet into the shoes of those who are homeless for just a day. Let us stop Disrespecting the HOMELESS!! Jesus is watching us…Amen! Agape

Sister Joe Green/ WOG


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