Paul Zimmer-Narrow Path Ministries

Shalom…Novembers Trial Mix is here for your spiritual nourishment.

In Daniel, the third Chapter, there is a historical account about three men who refused to bow down before the King, and peer pressure. For their refusal, they were placed inside the furnace to burn; however, while singing praise and worship songs inside the fiery furnace, they were joined by Jesus, and when they were told to exit, there was not so much as a singed hair on their heads or clothes!

The account of Shadrach, Meshack and Abendego demonstrates to all of us that if we make a stand, even an unpopular one, God will be with us; protect us; surround us and shield us from harm! I love that adage that says, “If He brought you to it; He will see you through it!”

In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus described the way to heaven as a Narrow Path! And in these three verses, He laid out three truths:

1) The path to heaven is narrow [not wide],
2) It is sparsely traveled [not crowded like the highway to hell], and
3) It will have its share of difficulties. It is great thing to know, regardless of the trial on the trail we walk; Jesus is there all the way…

Jesus never promised us an EASY go of it. So, if you have gotten stuck in a spiritual COMFORT ZONE, it is time to move out, and back into the fight. For it is through spiritual trials and struggles that true SPIRITUAL CHARACTER is built.

I’ve always believed that we can tell how much a THREAT we are to the devil and the world around us by the amount of resistance and turbulence we encounter along the way. Never lose sight of the fact that the battle will not be over until the path stops at the Narrow Gate leading to Heaven!

This is a war…and wars have conflict, battles and victories; as well as setbacks! When was the last time you were on the front lines, under attack, but still pressing forward for the Kingdom? Holding the line or the fort is not good enough…and while there is nothing wrong with times of respite, we should never grow so comfortable along the side of the cool, fresh stream of water…we must not forget that the armor we wear was given (Ephesians 6:10-18) to provide us a spiritual advantage in a spiritual war!

If your armor doesn’t have nicks, dings and dents upon its outer surface, you have not been out front, as we’ve told to do.

“I thank you Brother Paul for sharing this powerful message with me…I thank God for this bless morning encourage message for me to continue about His Will.I hope my readers and will be encourage as well in Yeshua name…Amen! Agape! ”

Sister Joe Green/ WOG


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