It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Challenging!


Praise the LORD!! Good Morning everyone! God is Good and He is always Good. And He shall continue being Good!! Amen!! Because that is who He is…(GOOD). It is a rainy morning here in North Texas. Sister Betty is moving about slowly. I came down with the Flu…yes that nasty flu…my throat is soar. The devil thought he would knock me down for a little…But I keep giving God His praise when I was at my lowest…of weakness. I Call on the Name of Jesus Christ to help me…and He always hear my cry. And I am so thankful that He is with me. Through my good times and bad times. He tells us to always give Him thanks. (Always) even when you don’t feel like it. Amen!! I wanted to share what Sister Betty had done since the 1st of December. Some of you know I work in retail. If you didn’t you know now right? We all know that this month is Christmas. It is our LORD and SAVIOR Christ Jesus Birthday!! Praise the LORD!! I greet my customers along with the other duties, I do in the store. I enjoy sharing gifts ideal along their way of shopping. I been saying Merry Christmas to my customers. I have receive some great feedback from many of them. There has been a few that may not respond back, but that again is only a few, out of the many people who loves hearing those two words…(Merry Christmas). I have had some who has even respond back sharing with me by saying “Have a Bless Merry Christmas Ms. Betty” I love watching the smile on their faces. I have had one that have said Happy Holiday. But it does not stop me from saying Merry Christmas. I have my own personal Christmas vest that I brought two years ago that I wear. I look forward wearing it each year. My customer notice the beauty of it, along with the true meaning. There was one customer that I shared with her as she was seeking a gift. She made a comment that she dud not want to stress about what to get. I shared with her, don’t stress, because it is not the season to be stressing not at all. It is all about Jesus Christ…Who is the true Gift. She agree with a smile, and said thank you. There are so many things we can do to help others doing this special time. We can learn to be helpful,thoughtful,understanding, grateful, being respectful, and kind. I have so much more I would love to share but I will not write a book at this time. Amen!! LOL LOL. God bless you all in Jesus Christ name. “Remember this verse that I will share with you. 2 Corinthians 4:18 The things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” Amen!! Amen!! Be Encourage, and Be Bless!

This is Sister Betty Green/WOG

Merry Christmas


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