It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Challenging!

Faith in God

Praise the LORD!! Hello everyone! God Bless you as you are about your day. Doing that what you believe is good in God’s eyes. I am home relaxing after being admit to hospital for a week. It was once again a journey with Christ Jesus…Each Day Challenging.I am thankful to be at home doing that what I enjoy doing. Sharing my journey with readers. It is a very cold day here in north Texas. We’ve been blessed with snow from God. It is beautiful, I stood at my window watching the many cars slowing driving on a white, and icy roads. I was praying for every person that traveling to where they believe they must be. Give thanks to God no matter what it may be like. From the smallest to the largest moment of your life. I have been in mediation in God’s words. Listening to His voice, to what He has to say to me. The bible says that Jesus Christ has not changed that He is still the same, yesterday, and today, forever. The weather changes, our thoughts changes, our actions, behaviors, attitude changes because of all the events that are accruing around us. But one thing that has not changed is Christ Himself. Paul said in Colossians 1:24 I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the church. I love that…so no matter what your suffering may be….we must remember that Christ suffered our afflictions as well. The sin that we bore. Paul knew that he to must suffer. We as children of God must suffer as well. So as we continue moving forward, not giving up. Allow God to continue using you in His Mighty way, so that He can get the Glory and Honor out of your life. This is Sister Joe with It’s My Journey With Christ Jesus…Each Day is Challenging. Enjoy the challenge and keep, giving Jesus Thanks. Amen!! Agape!!


3 thoughts on “It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Challenging!

  1. God Bless you Sister Betty…I received your message…I hope you received my message. Thank you, and let us continue seeking our Heavenly Father face….It’s all about the “CROSS”…Thank you for prayers…God continue blessing you and your family, and the ministry that He has called you out to do in His name…Amen!! Agape!

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