~Love for Enemies ~

~Speaking The Word Of God Comes With A Price~ Luke 6:27-36 Speaks about us loving our enemies. Yes that’s people who we dislikes, and they dislikes us as well. Believe Me, I know it isn’t easy to like people who gossip, lies, and even treat you badly. But as believers God commands His children to love them. In the scripture ask (Why love those who loves us). That didn’t’ make any sense to me either when I first read that scripture. When I was a baby Christian. It was so hard for me to digest. I know many of you out there didn’t have to then or today go through this. Because you may have it so together; right? The Holy Spirit had to take me to (Proverbs 3:5-6). Today He still have me to go there. Praise God! Jesus will teach us; He will help us, and will heal those wounds. I’m a living, walking testimony. What we need to do is ask. (Matthew 7-7). I wanted to share more, but I’m going to short it. I will say this; God is a God of truth, He speaks the truth. Jesus had many people who disliked Him, but what He did as He is still doing, and that is loving us all; even when we (all) still sin. So let’s love those that we dislike or they dislike us. He will not compromise with sin, so let us not either Amen! Agape!

Sister Betty

It’s My Journey With Christ Jesus…Each Day Challenging!


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