Raising Them Moral, or Raising Them Christian?

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The Character Building for Families Blog

good childrenDuring an interview, I was once asked which is the most important character trait to cultivate in our children. My immediate answer was, “a passion for Jesus.” We can have a measure of success in educating our kids to be truthful, responsible, moral citizens, but if we don’t reach their hearts with the message of their need for Jesus and bring them into a vibrant relationship with Him, what have we really accomplished?

In the secular world, both in our public school systems and in business, character training has become a big deal in recent years. Educators and corporate leaders are discovering the need to teach people within their organizations the basics of integrity and living responsibly, for the sake of alleviating chaos in the system and bringing about greater productivity. Secular character education companies are currently making big bucks trying to teach people how to behave decently.

Now, I don’t have a problem with…

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