Jesus said something but I couldn’t remember what

Amen!! I do agree…Jesus never ever said that it would be easy when we follow Him. It’s about making disciples….Jesus purpose was to Save Souls…He do not wont anyone to go to Hell…It was not easy for Him, and It will not and shall not be for us either…there will be hurts, pains, suffering, struggles…persecution for the believers. It started that moment when we gave our lives to Jesus Christ. Agape!

Honest about my faith

My daughter is a genius. She is only 5, but one day she will be a brain surgeon, will run the country or will do something else really clever. She is great to have around when you are shopping because you can ask her what else you were going to get and she remembers from a conversation an hour earlier.

She is attending a Christian holiday club this week and there was an opportunity yesterday for the children to recite the Bible memory verse to win a sweet. Knowing how addicted to sugar my little girl is I asked her afterwards why she hadn’t put her hand up to have a go. This is what she said:

‘I remembered the first bit, Jesus said, but I couldn’t remember the rest.’

nice jesusI wonder how many Christians would say the same? We know Jesus said things and we know roughly what some

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