August Newsletter — everything you missed in one place!

~Jesus Christ will be returning! Let us all be ready. Amen!~

Monica Dennington

Stills_1Plus1Video_IMG23Dear Friends,
First off, we’re inspired by all of you who faithfully support the ministry. If you don’t know it, your donations make a difference. Thanks for being vigorous in your giving, as we accomplish this God-sized task together.
Since we began broadcasting video on the internet 9 years ago, over 20 million minutes of Bible teaching has been watched by viewers!
Coming Soon…TicTocTV!
TicTocTV Logo_3
BIG NEWSTicTocTV is coming back this fall! We’ll be re-launching our 24/7 video channel, looking for the support of our community through subscriptions. Watch for a video announcement this month. We are working on it now!
Subscriptions will include:
  • 24/7 streaming of new and behind-the scenes videos!
  • Exclusive LIVE events.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage – watch as we build the new studio!
  • Closed community feature. This will be an online community where we believe you will feel safer, knowing…

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