Meditation/Betty’s Verse Of The Day/9-24-14

~Thank You Lord! For Loving me.~

Betty's Verse Of The DAY

Good-Morning-SunshineMeditation/Betty’s Verse Of The Day/9-24-14

For he will deliver the needy who cryout, the afflicted who have no one to help.

Can we close our eyes as we sit this morning?

Think about the cross, the love Jesus put into His ministry, He left nobody out.

He walked and walked and healed and loved,He is our hope’

Precious Lord, as we sit here this morning pondering and praying, we listen for your voice and we long to go home to heaven.

Thoughts of you keep going through my mind, the way you love me is so divine.

The truth you give me rings in my ear,

It’s your words I see as I go along, free to pray

free to love,

and the things you send from above has my heart in tuned to yours, O Lord give us the strength to always be strong and…

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