The Ultimate Renovation

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A homeowner was trying to sell a home he owned. Unfortunately, vandals had broken in and decimated the house. Doors were busted, windows shattered, and drywall was ripped apart. They had even busted pipes and ripped wiring out of the wall. The house was a complete disaster and to top it all off, the foundation had structural problems. The condition of the house was scaring away buyer after buyer.

One day, the homeowner brought in another prospective buyer. Clearly running out of options, he made a desperate offer. The realtor offered to replace all the broken windows, doors, and clean out all the garbage. The buyer responded, “I’ll take it, but forget about the repairs. I don’t want the building; I want the site. I’ll even pay above your asking price. See, I can turn this place into something wonderful. Once I’m done with it, this place will be a…

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