May God Grant Us the Faith to Believe

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There’s no doubt about it. Scripture says that perilous times will come. In Matthew 24, Jesus is quoted as saying that he who endures to the end will be saved. So, let’s examine what it takes to endure to the end and how you can experience Jesus’ promise to us all.

These are unsettling times. On one hand, there are epidemics like Ebola that’s becoming a global threat and the upper respiratory disease that’s attacking and killing our kids. On the other hand, terroism abounds and is a global threat. Again, the question is how do we respond when literally threatened by disease or militant terrorists? In other words, when things spiral out of our control, what do we say and do? How do we act?

Today’s world likes to think it has control over these situations, but experience shows it clearly doesn’t. Yes, science has advanced and developed safeguards…

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