Threats to America: Ranked

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America has been obsessive with the Ebola and ISIS pandemonium. However, one article recently ranked the current threats to America by their “actual threat value instead of the media hype.” Here is their list of the top 9 threats to America (MSN):

9. Ebola

8. Your Own Furniture – 30 Americans killed and about 40,000 injured per year.


6. The Flu – Thousands die every year from the flu (typically the elderly and very young).

5. World War 3 Breaking Out in the Baltics.

4. Climate Change

3. Guns

2. Traffic Accidents – About 34,000 deaths in 2011

1. Heart Disease & Cancer – Currently the top two killers of Americans.

Agree or disagree, this list is intriguing. This list communicates a lot about our world. It speaks of current trends and ideals, realistic or otherwise. It talks of other nations’ anger and disagreements. Above all…

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