In all things, do you give thanks?

Glory! Glory!! He Amaze Me Everyday!! Amen!! l LOVE Him!! /


I don’t know about you, but Pastor G and I have endured some pretty rough times. We know what hunger and homelessness is like, and we know how to give thanks during times like that just like we know how to give thanks when our needs are met, and, to us, abundantly so.

We thanked God for working our hunger and homelessness for our good and for His glory even when we didn’t know where food to maintain physical life or shelter would come from. We thanked God for the temporary warmth of a car heater during well below freezing nights we spent inside it along with our two dogs. We thanked God we would yet live to see another day. We thanked God for food from food banks, food that was discarded by supermarkets but was still quite edible. We thanked God for bathrooms that were in stores that…

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