Giving Thanks Even When Your just not Feeling it………



thankfulProbably one of the hardest things about being on the mission field, is the holidays.

Oh there are a number of struggles, but for some reason on, and near the “special” family days. This is when it gets tough.

Especially when you live in a place where “Thanksgiving” is not a holiday and “Christmas” is not celebrated by the majority of people.
To be honest, I have had a tendency of pushing the “holidays” off, but suddenly they are upon me. Added to that, I have three kids who are counting down the days to Thanksgiving and to Christmas. Who can’t wait to celebrate, to cook, to bake, and to decorate.

So how does one give thanks even when they don’t quite feel thankful?

The Scriptures tell us to give thanks to the Lord, enter into His presence with thanksgiving, always to give thanks….

I’m learning that it is a…

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