Immanuel: God With US

I’m Thankful!! God Bless many who are Ministering and teaching. Sharing th


immanuelI have enjoyed listening to Nancy Leigh Demos podcast this Christmas as she has taught through the Christmas passages. Recently she spoke of our Immanuel.

And I was reminded that at the close of the Old Testament period, it was dark. The people had turned away from God, they had refused HIM, and gone their own way.

For years, it has been silent. No prophets prophesying, no word of God.

That is until that SILENT NIGHT, when the WORD BECAME FLESH and dwelt among us.

Jesus came to be our Immanuel.

Taking on flesh, to dwell and live among us… God with us.

As I was pondering this amazing truth today, and singing carols as I cleaned.

This thought crossed my mind. This is why missions is important!!

You see, it is good and needed to send money.

It is great to do short-term trips, to dig wells, to teach…

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