When You Don’t Know What To Do!

Amen!! There is nothing any where that compares to the peace of JESUS CHRIST. \O/

Pat's Letters God Inspired

You’ve had it all and you could do whatever you wanted to do,but now the good paying job is gone and you may have to dip into your savings soon! Stress levels are up you can’t even hardly stand to talk to the love of your life or even think about college funds any more. Things have changed so much and your health problems aren’t any better if any thing they’ve gotten  worse.Then there are the kids to think of and things they need now it seems. I’ve learned from going through many hard trials that “When you don’t know what to do? You should be like Jehosphat run to the Lord,Jehosphat was a good King and he did all he could to please God and yet the enemies came after him,in 2 Chronicles 20:1  It tells how his enemies came and others besides ,enemies he hadn’t encountered before…

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