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“PSALM 27:1 Praise You that You are my Light. Amen!! \O/

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Source: ( I have also printed the article below my comment)

I read this article this morning on a site called “Bible History Daily” and well as you can see by its content that there are some references which are disturbing to say the least; especially when it’s supposed to be about the history of the bible… Muhammad was not in the bible and the idea of comparing Mary to Muhammad is absurd. Not to mention the woman writing the article is a teacher of the qur’an. I commented on the article however they removed my comment. I am not usually one for commenting, however I was led by the Spirit on this one…  So here is my comment for this article:

Well just to clear things up a little….Mary is the “Mother of Jesus”, who is the Son of God and honoured as such. She is not a…

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