One Imperfect Christmas

Merry Christmas Sister to you, and your family in Christ Jesus name. God Bless! \O/


imperfect christmasI must say, this is the most un-normal Christmas I have ever had. In fact there isn’t much “normal” about it.

To begin, we are living on the other side of the world in a country which doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It is not at all cold outside, so it doesn’t feel like Christmas, and to top it all off. My husband had to fly back to the States for his mom’s funeral.

Today is Christmas Eve and to be honest, I have had a hard time getting motivated to do anything. Though I finished my shopping yesterday, getting the gifts wrapped was a chore.

For the kids it has been hard too. They miss their dad and in their minds, Christmas is supposed to be a certain way.

Just like I’m sure you do, we have certain traditions that we follow every year. No matter where we may live at…

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