Remembering the Loves In Your Life

Loving with Purpose

Do you remember an angel chime with little stick candles that made the chimes go around and around?

I just saw one on a movie…which then made me think of my grandma. I can still picture that day; me, lifting the gift wrapped box of one that I gave to her a long, long time ago. 💞💞💞

Funny, I hadn’t given a thought to this candle chime until now.

It’s those small moments that gather our thoughts; making them special and unique to each of us alone. I miss her and many others during this holiday season.

I have memories of the little things like this, but now meaning so much to me. It’s not the actual material item (like the coffee table I held onto for over twenty years), it’s the smells, sounds, and feelings of such good times.

I will always love my family and friends; those here…

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