Why Do We Talk About: The Man with a Jar of Water


Laboriously Faithful

The story is quite short. But in Luke 22, Mark 14, and Matthew 26, each author recounts the story of the man chosen to host the Last Supper. In Luke and Mark, the identity of the man is very specific; each tells us that the disciples must find the man “carrying a jar of water.” In all three gospels, this man – unnamed, and never mentioned again – is recognized, though it appears as such for no particular reason. They find a man, they go to his house, they have the Last Supper. Simple enough. So why is this man significant enough that Matthew, Mark, and Luke all mention this no-named, ordinary man? It’s easy to recognize that this ordinary man was used to host the Last Supper, where Jesus would ultimately explain the foundation of his sacrifice and our salvation. But to understand the specific reason why this man…

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