Your Testimony

I Thank Jesus for my Journeys….Testimonies…my spirit is alive in His glory, power, and grace. I love it..Amen!! \O/

Laboriously Faithful

Growing up, I always found the idea of a testimony very daunting. I didn’t know how to talk about God because I felt as though I had no right to talk about how Jesus radically changed my life when I grew up with the church around me for years, and still would sin. When I look back at that fear now, it’s almost laughable. As the years past, I really saw the test in my testimony despite my “privileged” Christian upbringing. The world dug its claws into me and tugged me to the ground with temptation, sin, and doubt. But a Christian testimony isn’t about a triumphant personal victory over the world, or an unbelievable story. The Christian testimony is about how Jesus triumphed over death and took our beaten, crushed spirits and made them new in his glory and his grace. When you think about what you can say…

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