Banning Together to Give the Gift of Warmth

Loving with Purpose

Last year, when asked what I wanted for Christmas, I decided that I wanted to help the homeless. My decision came when I woke up one chilly morning.

As I started to run down my list of what to be grateful for, I pulled the covers up over my head; then, it hit me: “I am grateful for my blanket.” I knew there were many who were freezing in that moment, and how lucky I was to not be. That’s what I want for Christmas! I want to make others a little warmer!

Later that day, I mentioned my choice on the phone to my sister-in-law. It was only a minute since we hung up the phone, when she called back to say she just saw a sale on blankets 2/$5 at Rural King. I grabbed my Christmas cash and off we went to buy forty blankets to give to a local…

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