It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ….Each Day Is Challenging!

We are One Faith

“If you think you can’t be used by God. That is a lie from the devil. God can use you! Believe me. He is using me…I thought He couldn’t use me because of my past life. Today He is using me in His Mighty way.” So stop listening to people who may say to you that JESUS can’t use you because of your past, or the way you living today that isn’t pleasing to Him. He is a God of forgiveness…Would you like to be Born Again. Read for yourself: ROMANS 10:9-10 start there. I have found out that Manipulations is a principle of darkness. So stop allowing the world to Manipulate you. ~ I am here as a soldier, marching until my LORD and Savior return. We have to choose the god of this world or the God of the Word.~ Have a bless weekend. Agape! \O/


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