Mr and Miss UK Success – Ganiyat Alli

Amen!! It is (al) in the name of JESUS CHRIST. AHe did say in (all) things. God is Amazing! He shall give us the desires of our hearts according to His purpose. He works in a Mysterios ways. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!! \O/

Testimonies Speak

Mr & Miss Nigeria UK was created from a friend planting the idea in my head at an event I went to which had a similar theme to it. I attended Miss Ghana in 2013 and was asked ‘Gany, where is Miss Nigeria? Where are your people?’ I did not have the answer to the question so I began to do research in order to actually find out where our own show was. I prayed and prayed, researched and researched and found there was a Miss Nigeria UK, which last took place in 2009. So the idea came to me to do a joint pageant.

It took me about 6 months to reveal the idea I had to anyone because I feared someone taking it and producing the event themselves. I was worried that maybe someone else would have already had the same idea and was producing something similar. When…

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