Pasteurized Faith: Introduction

Amen!! Thank You JESUS…. for being FAITHFUL. \O/

Laboriously Faithful

I want you to think of pasteurized, processed cheese. The bright yellow stuff we put in our sandwiches that we are pretty sure is made from at least some milk. Now compare this to a block of fresh cheddar from Italy. It’s a strange image, but consider the obvious differences. The processed product is made safe by chemical processes that ultimately make something that was unsafe for the body safe and easy to consume. And, ultimately, there is some milk in there. But the untreated, unchanged cheese is very jarringly different. Someone who hasn’t eaten unprocessed cheese might get sick from it! But it is 100% real, 100% pure.

Now think of this analogy in terms of your faith. The topic of pasteurized faith means to challenge society, culture, and general notions of Christianity to see if faith has been integrated into our beliefs, or if we in fact change ourselves…

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