S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries

Worship freely! Worship freely!

Don’t we all love to worship the Lord? I hope we do because He loves when we do. Formalism and worship are actually different. When we worship the Lord, there needs to be freedom, yet order.

Worship is not real quiet music while everyone is sitting absolutely still without a smile upon their pretty face. That’s not worship by far. Some people say and I have experienced it in my walk with the Lord, “Well that’s a dignified, orderly, and reverent service to the Lord.” And I have said this on numerous accounts out of love of course, “They don’t know the difference between worshiping the Lord and rigor-mortis.”

I encourage, when we study the Bible, we’ll find out that worship was marked with brightness, light, spontaneity, and joy. The early Christians had something that fire could not burn, that swords could not kill, that water could not drown…

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