How the Cincinnati Bengals Showed Heart to a Young Boy with Heart Worries

EPHESIAN 2:10 We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works. Amen!! \O/

Loving with Purpose

One of the greatest times in my life has been the day I found out I would be a grandmother. When our youngest grandson, Collin, was born with a heart condition, the joyous moment also came with worry. Not understanding completely what would occur, we focused on the fact that our little baby boy had arrived.974395_10202869914500747_1255961250_n

Still, we knew the time would come when we would have to face the reality that Collin has to endure some concerning procedures and surgeries.

For starters, at two months old, Collin had to undergo cardiac catheterization; a balloon procedure that would open his valve to compensate for the fact that he had only two (not three) valves that made his heart work. From that day on, it has been very long doctor appointments every six months for him and his family.

Now, at seven years old, Collin has learned to take the appointments…

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