Jesus! The Bread of Life for 2015

“God is good (all) the time!!” Amen!! \O/

cross-15966WOW! 2015 is almost here. Time sure flies. My parents always told me that when I got older time would go by faster. Of course at the time I would think sure, whatever you say, walk away not to think of it again. Well guess what! They were right!I tell my kids the same thing and guess what they say, “sure mom” and walk away. Someday they will say, “mom was right.” I am thinking; of course she was! 🙂

The New year  a time to review and reorganize. The first of the year I clean out and reorganize closets, drawers and cabinets … This year I have decided to also do a meal plan for an entire year. Yes, a lot of work in the beginning but hopefully will help me stay organized this next year. I have my binder organized, recipes printed and grocery list almost complete. I…

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