BIBLE DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Gen 46 – A man, a family, a nation


Genesis 46 – A man, a family, a nation

by Dr  Bob Dellinger

Henry H. Halley said it in his Bible Handbook. God took one man, Jacob, and from that one man came a family, the twelve sons or twelve tribes of Israel. From that family came a nation, the nation of Israel (the Old Testament kingdom). From that nation came a family, the family of King David and his descendants. From that family came one man, Jesus, who fulfilled God’s plan of redemption. The Old Testament covers many subjects, but this design to raise up a nation and family that would give birth to the savior is, to me, the most important message of the Old Testament.


As Genesis nears completion we are given an accounting of Jacob’s children and grandchildren that adds up to a very complete number of 70 persons. God brings them to the spiritually…

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