Evangelism [2]

“As Believes we all should be the children of God. Following the truth, because that is who He is. He died on that cross and it wasn’t in vain. If we believe in Him. There should not be all the division that I have seen among brothers and sisters. There is only one God, one Son, and one Holy Spirit. God is not please not at all what is going on down here with the churches, whom says that they are part of the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ whom I know and truly believe In, is not divided, and He will never be. People need to get it correct within. Before they leave here, or before Christ return. Amen!! Agape!! Shalom!! God Bless us all. \O/

Cedric Philippe

Vision Vision

I have been asking myself why many of our churches are not blessed and Spirit-led and was pondering about what should be done to remediate. Then suddenly, the Spirit opened my mind and told me that I should stop thinking about what I should do but about what I was NOT doing! It was as if a burning coal fell from God’s altar and burnt me.

A church whose vision is not Evangelism will go through much pain. God’s church is Christ’s bride and its mission is to bear children of God. Many books have been written and many elders tried giving answers to the ailments touching our churches. The Evangelical church will argue that their should be more church structure established so as to put things in order. The Pentecostal church will argue that more place should be given to the Spirit. While most of these arguments have…

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