Testimony 1: Holy Spirit vs Flesh – Kojo Darkwa

“This Isn’t The Time To Be A shame To Share Your Testimonys To a Falling And World.” Let’s Give Them HOPE. ” JESUS CHRIST IS RETUNING. Amen!! \O/

Testimonies Speak


How do you write a testimony or what is the purpose of me writing a testimony?

Not long ago, a spiritual head in my life told me Christianity is not just for me but is for others. Therefore this testimony is to testify to Gods glory and to encourage a brother or sister in the Lord.

October 10th 2013 was the day I finally gave myself wholesomely to Christ and allowed Him take the reins of my life. The journey has been interesting, uplifting and joyful. Sure there have been days I’ve been down in the valley and nobody could hear me scream but there are many days where I was in the clouds soaring like an eagle.

Growing up in a Christian home I’ve always been reared to know righteousness from unrighteousness and yet still at University in 2009 I submitted to the sinful behaviours of a life of…

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