What my daughter should know…

Mandy I too felt this way as a child, I was bully a lot doing my childhood, as teenager. Thank you for sharing. I do believe there has been as well. I too taught my daughter, and I talk to my grands as well about this. Your baby girl is beautiful. \O/


compassion house 22You want to know a secret?

A secret that I wish someone had told me years ago?

Then keep reading ;-).

Growing up I was a bit obsessed with how I looked and what others thought of me. In fact it was so bad that there were days I would have rather stayed inside than go out because of a bad hair day.

This obsession led me to believe I had to be a certain size and look a certain way to be accepted.

Which led me to practically starving myself to keep a specific weight.

Now, I’m all grown up and have a daughter of my own.

A little girl who is 6 going on 20. Yet, already I notice these little things in her.

For though she’s six, she cares a bit too much about what others think, and how she looks. Like most girls her age, I…

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