Life is Tough, but God makes a Way through Prayer: Hannah

Amen!! Yes according to His will. So many times just because God hasn’t answered our prayers it doesn’t meant He has headed them, He knows something that we don’t know. It could be for our own good. We must give it all to Him, and trust Him. He may not answer, because what we asking for is not according to His Will. He has not yet, and I know He will not ever fail me. I had to learn this from Him. It’s all about growing. I pray tat people will not give up on Him. Amen!! His feeding me this morning. God bless you. \O/

Life is Tough, But God Always Makes a Way

You’ll find Hannah’s story in the first book of Samuel beginning in the first chapter. Hannah was one of two wives in her household, and she was her husband’s favorite even though she was barren. She lived with verbal abuse from the other wife, Peninah, who made her life miserable because Peninah was blessed with children and Hannah wasn’t. I suspect Peninah acted out because she felt unloved and unappreciated as well. Although her husband Elkanah knew what was going on and why Hannah was so upset, he was still relatively clueless because he knew he kept reassuring Hannah that he loved her despite her barrenness and wondered why Peninah’s taunting affected her so.

Hannah turned to God for comfort, help and support. Those of us who have endured abuse of any kind know how lonely these painful experiences can be. Scripture says God is our refuge and our strength…

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