Lust ≠ Love Series: Introduction

Amen!! its one of the topics the devil doesn’t want us as believers to talk on. And we should, because the devil has taken what God has given us that is so beautiful. That Satan has tried to make it be used sinful…

Testimonies Speak

February, the month alot of people associate with “love”.


I have decided to do something abit different. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing posts around the theme of “Love ≠ Lust”, as it is a topic that is hardly touch upon in churches. And it is a topic that needs to be talked about, preached about and prayed about today. It affects all generations but serious talks, information needs to be delivered to my generation and of course our future leaders… so birth years from mid 80s right down to the ’00s, this is for you!

Initially, I had certain points I planned to cover but I am going to allow God to minister to me and through to me to reach your spiritual needs around this topic.

Alongside with testimonies and the Word, I will be featuring other posts from other bloggers to give you a…

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