Poem: A Second Chance – Monica

Faith! Trust, and Believe….He hasn’t not at all changed…Agape! \O/

Testimonies Speak


The poem is titled Second chance….on August 22, 2006 my aorta dissected while I was at work. When I made it to the hospital they checked me out and realized the signs had disappeared and was sent home.

My dear sweet mother who is no longer here on earth with us would not allow them to send me home. When they took a x-ray of my chest they could see that my aorta was gushing. They wanted to airlift me to a hospital in Houston Texas but they felt that I would not make it. So they transported me to another local hospital where I went straight into emergency surgery. The poor nurse cried and looked so distraught when the doctors told me my prognosis. But GOD had already told me that everything would be okay if I believe. – Monica

GOD in his exuberant splendor

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