Dead brought Back to Life – Austin J | “Y’all need to Praise Him”

Testimonies Speak

 Dead brought Back to Life – Austin J.

Apart from the fact that that mind blowing testimony has been on my Dashboard for ages, it has been a LONG while since I have featured Winners’ Chapel on this site, so this week is the week.

On June 30th 2014, my wife was due to give birth in the United States and was scheduled for two major surgeries; a hernia repair and caesarean section (CS). The CS was successful as the baby was delivered without complications but during the hernia repair, my wife bled profusely and screamed that she would die. I rebuked the statement and said she would not die but live. She was rushed to intensive care unit and later confirmed dead. She was dead for seven and a half hours. The zonal pastor came to the hospital with Bishop Oyedepo’s photograph, a mantle (anointed cloth), anointing…

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