Let’s Talk About Rejection | Testimony – Geena

” I do hope this will be an encourage blessing for someone….This is a message that I do believe we have all tasted. I know I have, and I Thank God that He was there for me to do what He knew I needed to press forward.” Know that Jesus Christ knows all things. Never stop your conversation with Him.” Amen!! God Bless you Sister for sharing!

Testimonies Speak

Hey future testifers,

I hope you are all well. Happy New Month, I can not believe we are in the 5th month of the year already!!!! I thank God that He has been wonderful to you and I and giving us reasons to thank Him.

I am finally posting on the right day this week – it is well. Lol. With a beautiful testimony and a few words from me. There are alot more words regarding this topic coming up soon by God’s grace.

Enjoy the post and God bless.

Let’s Talk About Rejection


 Let’s talk about rejection.

That disease that paves into our lives due to the lack of our attention.

Never really using the scriptural Word for our protection

Rejection actually acts like a tree with a bitter root

As it can only produce bitter fruits

Fruits like unforgiveness and jealously

Re-infecting wounds emotionally

It is an illness…

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