“The Journey”

Forgiven her sins

” Pedestals”

Hi! everyone! Glory be to God in the Highest.  He is truly in the Highest! I wanted to speak on the word “Pedestals” This morning I was having a beautiful conversation with a beautiful person this morning. They were sharing with me what they had heard about a particular person. I’m going to get to the chase here. The word “pedestal” had come to my mine; I had shared years about this word, and I had written on it; I believe I’ve done a radio broadcast on this topic. I been there as well putting folks on high. Forgetting that they are human beings.  They have flaws, they aren’t perfect people. (Romans 3:23 says: For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God). So once that person or people have or did something that we believe is incorrect. We become angry, harsh, and bitter.  We become disappointed in them. We blame them, we begin to say to others: (I can’t believe they did that or said that etc.) Have we ever thought just maybe…they didn’t ask you, and I to put them on a pedestal. I know there are some that does enjoy it. My point is that we shouldn’t put people up so high. It’s good to let them know what they are doing or what they have done is beautiful. But we must understand what God’s Word say: (John 15:5 “Apart from me you can do nothing.)” So we really are paralyzed. Without Christ, we are capable of no good. As Paul says in Romans… God should be given High praise. He can not disappoint us; if we truly know who He is, and what His purpose for us. I know there are some that still haven’t gotten it yet! Who He is; but hopefully they will. After that conversation, they understood clearly what was being shared. I’m a deep person, and that is good. Because God is deep Himself. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. I don’t either to be honest. If I do something that isn’t pleasing to Him. He comes to me, He doesn’t have to go through this person, and that person. He doesn’t have to ask you or me our opinions. He doesn’t put us on  pedestals.  He knows that time to time we aren’t always going to do right. Even though we do at times believe we are right (all) the time.  We do make mistakes very much, that is that part of being human. Amen!! I have always told others “Do not put me on a pedestal.” They look at me strangely.  I truly meant that in the depth of my heart. “If anything, and everything give God all the Praise and Glory! Be thankful, and grateful that His using us for His Glory! I no longer put others on pedestals. For me it was a lesson well taught. Through His eyes I see His hands in whom He has chosen to use to  be blessings for others. That is now the mind-set I have these days. Amen!! God sets on a Throne that no man has put Him on. It’s His Throne…and it was not made by  man hands. Well hope you was encouraged. The conversation ended well, seeds was planted and I give that Praise to the Holy Spirit that dwells within me. Until next time! Be Bless!! Shalom

Sister Betty Jo


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