LGBT Misogyny: The Battle of the Bathrooms

Jesus Christ we know your return is Near☝Time Is at hand….🙏🙏🙏

Monica Dennington

Rainbow flag on human faceThere was a battle for my freedom in Springfield, MO this month.

It was a battle for civil rights, one that should have every true feminist up in arms.

This was a fight for a woman’s right to control her own body. To be protected from exploitation. To have her voice be heard.

To have the power of law placed behind the fact that that her “no means no”.

Even when she says it to a man.

Tim Cook did not show up. Apple did not throw itself in the path of the train. Salesforce, Twitter, eBay, and Facebook did not threaten economic sanctions against those who would threaten my safety and violate my person.

No, these would-be crusaders for civil rights did not come in with nuclear force to speak up for the oppressed minority, like they did to oppose Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Why? Because this…

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