“The Journey”

Forgiven her sins

“The Alabaster Box”

“This is my story as well…..I was setting here listening to this video. About the  “Alabaster Box” Amen!! I can not, and will not ever forget the cost of the oil in my Alabaster Box. It was Jesus Christ Who Healed my Soul! So I Will always continue giving my LORD His Praise! I can be in pain, hurting, but I have learned to give Jesus Christ His praise. Because He deserve ever praise. I understand now that we need to give Him praise even when we are going through situations, and circumstances in this life. It was His arms that was wrapped around me. I Thank Him Everyday of my being for what He has and He is still doing in my Life this day. I know what my life use to be like. Many people pointed their fingers at me, misunderstood me, and had done much more. Many today are angry at me because I choose to follow Him. No matter how sinful my life was. Jesus Christ was there! So rather I am up or down. He promised me He would never leave me nor forsake me. He taught me to forgive, and love others. With His help I’m doing just that. It is the reason why I’m growing spiritually. So keep your eyes off others, and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus Christ to help you, and He will. He knows what we are going through down here. Stay focus on Him! because the enemy wants you and I to take our focus off Jesus Christ. If I had given up! and gave in to this world, the flesh, and satan himself. I would not be here today to continue sharing my journey. My life is my testimony, and your testimony will not always look or sound pretty. He can clean you up, and you will be (Read: Romans 12:2). What is beautiful is that there is a Man name Jesus Christ that loves you. He doesn’t love our sins. But when you (read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10). So do not stop sharing your testimonies to what Jesus Christ has done to your life. He gets all the Glory! I will not say that you wont go through persecution. We must be persecuted for His Name sake. Jesus Christ is coming soon! for us. I believe it! and I hope you do believe as well. Be Blessed! I  love it; that I have a testimony to share. You have one as well! A lost soul needs to hear or read it. I’m no longer ashamed!  You no longer will be either. I’m grateful and thankful that we are still here to do His Will. Mercy! and Grace! Shalom!”

Sister Betty Jo

“Matthew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth a broad.” Amen!!


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