“The Journey”

Breath Relax Let Go

” Hello!! Everyone! yes it’s Sister Betty Jo…I’m off today. It’s been a very busy week. Not only a busy week. A busy year for me. Just as it may have been for you as well. This year I have again learned so much. You know one is never to old nor young to learn something good are bad. Yes I said bad…because we don’t only learn from good. We also learn from the things that has been spoken bad or has been thrown at us; so it can hurt us or harm us. I have learn the things that I have learn from the bad. It has helped me to become more and more stronger and wiser. I thought that it was only the good things that has been spoken are given to me was to strengthen me. But that is not always the case. From all the storms in life the hurts and pain helps us to appreicate all the good. That we don’t take anything for granted. That we don’t abuse the Love that Jesus Christ suffered for us all. So that we can have a choice to want to live for Eternity after death. Giving Him thanks for (All) things, and not just somethings. Amen!! Being Stronger, and Wiser than yesterday!! There are reasons for anything and everything that may acure in our lives. We must trust in the One that says that He is with us. He see’s all things, He knows what it will take to build us to what and whom He wants us to be. I had never thought in my life that I would be the Woman I am today. But I do give it all to Him! That He was with me through it all. He can and He will be with you as well. Trust and Obey Him! His not a Religion, He is a Bless Relationship. No one is never too lost to be Saved. Amen!! Matthew 5:10-12 ” BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ARE PERSECUTED BECAUSE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.” BLESSED ARE YOU WHEN PEOPLE INSULT YOU, PERSECUTE YOU AND FALSELY SAY ALL KINDS OF EVIL AGAINST YOU BECAUSE OF ME. REJOICE AND BE GLAD, BECAUSE GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN, FOR IN THE SAME WAY THEY PERSECUTED THE PROPHETS WHO WERE BEFORE YOU.” AMEN!! AMEN!!




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