Daily Devotional – 1/19/16 “Discernment Detector!”


Kisha's Daily Devotional

It was 2:52AM when our smoke detectors went off this morning. Now, we have smoke detectors all over the house yet the only ones that went off were one in the hallway and one upstairs. So of course my husband and I were jolted out of our sleep (them children didn’t even stir) to find out what was happening. Thank God nothing was wrong. Why those two detectors went off, we don’t know. Oh but you know this pricked at my spirit. Why? Because it reminded me that God is yet protecting us from unseen dangers. See, this afforded me the opportunity to know that God is still looking out for His children. It doesn’t matter that we can’t see Him; He’s still working thangs out in our favor. Oh, y’all don’t understand. Two detectors went off in different parts of the house but there was nothing wrong that we…

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