Daily Devotional – 1/21/16 “Fight in the spirit!”


Kisha's Daily Devotional

During bible study on last night, we dug deeper into prayer. What prayer means, how to pray and how to keep a prayer journal. It was great! See, I’ve come to realize that these battles of the flesh, I can fight them but I’ll never win because they aren’t my enemy. Yes, it’s easier to fight who we see but what about what we don’t see? The real enemy is of the spirit and he fights dirty and he gets dirtier the closer you get to being real with God. This is why the enemy uses us, folk, in the flesh to fight one another. See, if I stand and fight you, in the flesh, once it’s over we’re both tired and have now let our guards down for the enemy to attach to our spirit. And the reason we were fighting still isn’t resolved. Get this, when you’re fighting…

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