Daily Devotional – 6/8/16 “Don’t stop now!”

” Thank You Jesus Christ For Being My Blessing!!” Amen!! Amen!!

Kisha's Daily Devotional

Baby, sometimes you have to let folk wonder about you. Yea, let me continue to speculate on how you got that house. Let me keep on saying stuff like; I thought he had bad credit, how he get that car. Let them guess on how your spouse found you.Anointing Baby, you will learn that not everything warrants a response from you. Let folk talk because I’ve lived long enough to know that ‘they’ will talk when you’re doing good, bad, and healthy or sick. See, to some folk you aren’t supposed to be blessed like that. To some, you aren’t supposed to be smiling. Some folk don’t think you deserve to be happy. They don’t want to hear your name on someone else lips for the good. And they definitely don’t want to see you being blessed. But that’s alright. You’ve got to understand this, not everyone will be happy…

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