Daily Devotional – 10/24/16 – “The anointing makes the difference!”

” The Anointing Does Makes The Difference.” Amen!! Amen!!

Kisha's Daily Devotional

The anointing WILL make the difference, if you let it because God’s anointing, on your life, has the ability to shift your atmosphere. The anointing on your life has the gift to get you recognized in places, you’ve never stepped foot in before. The anointing has the skill to make your name known to folk you’ve never met. The anointing has the power to change your name, your place of residence, your bank account and your destiny. But you have to be able to handle it, wear it right and walk in it because the bible says in James 2:24, “You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.” Baby, you can’t claim you’re anointed and your work doesn’t show it. You can’t speak of the anointing, if there’s no power in your tongue. And you can’t wear the anointing with a…

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