A lesson on Kindness from one of Aesop’s fables

Beautiful!! Words of Truth. Agape!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Across The Ordinary

Kindness comes in many forms but always from the heart.

Aesop wrote a fable โ€œThe North Wind & the Sunโ€

Photoin which the Wind and Sun had a quarrel about which of them was stronger. At last they agreed to try their powers upon a traveller, to see which could soonest strip him of his cloak. The wind had the first try, gathered up all his force for the attack, he came whirling furiously down upon the man. The sun agreed to hide behind the cloud ๐ŸŒฅ while the wind blew up a storm ๐ŸŒฌ. But the harder the wind blew the more firmly the traveller wrapped his cloak around himself.


Then came the turn of the sun,๐ŸŒค๐ŸŒžโ˜€๏ธ beaming gently upon the traveller. Before long he unclasped his cloak and walked on it hanging loosely about his shoulders: then the sun shone forth in his full strength, and the manโ€ฆ

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