Amen!! Amen!! We must continue speaking the Word of Truth. Because Jesus Christ is the Word of Truth. He hasn’t changed not at all.

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All throughout the bible, we will see a man this and man that. It’s seldom written about women and when it is we must take notice. It’s not that women are less than nothing to GOD and we must never take that attitude. It’s just that when GOD the FATHER sees HIS children, HE actually only sees HIS sons be they male or female. Intelligent people whether they understand it or not accept the fact that GOD created man and that we did not evolve from an ape. But here is where most everyone confuses the exact facts. GOD did create man and HE named him Adam. But GOD never created woman, GOD made a woman out of the man and humans have been made ever since. Woman/females/girls are made from the rib of a man. And for every Adam, there is an Eve. Also another argument that I used…

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