” Love From A Single Woman Perspective “


Hello everyone!! Happy Bless Valentine to each and every one of you. I’m setting here at my work table. I have been busy since this morning. We all know today is Valentine Day. To be really truthful!! Valentine is everyday to me and for me. I know there are many people who are sharing their love with their partners. And that is beautiful!! I’m a single woman and I wanted to share as a single woman my own perspective about love. I finally at my age know just what true love is. You don’t have to wait at my age to find the true perspective about true love. I’m not talking about the worldly love. There is a huge difference. I have been on both side of the coin. There is (Love) and there is (Lust.) Sometimes we get it twisted. I know I had, because I didn’t know the difference, and if someone was trying to tell me, I was to stubborn to listen, and to accept. It was when  Jesus Christ had shown me what true love is. (John 3:16) For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:17) For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. Now  that tells me all about what love is. Because I didn’t have to do anything out of sin to get His love. I was already laying in it. He has shown me my worth. Sometimes we really don’t know our worth. That we deserve to be value. So we ladies must value ourselves, you don’t wait for someone to value you. You must value you, and once you value you, they will see that.  That is what I would love for the man whom God is preparing me for. Because He is going to know my worth. Because He will know who and whom Jesus Christ is. He wont have to trick me, he want have to lie to me, he wont have to say the words that he believe will get me, and he wont have to be concern about what someone else think are say about us. Because it will be about pleasing God, and not people. Love is I’m here for you, I will respect you, I will love you whether you are not perfect. We are here for one another and we are going to do this with the blessing of our Lord and Savior. So as a single woman I do love me, I will not short cut myself. I will not stop loving me, and if there be no one else ever love me. I will Love me!! and know that God loves you. And let’s be joyful for those who are united with the one whom they love and they love them. Don’t ((Hate)) that’s not good. I can talk so much on this topic, but I wont. I’m hoping you will get something positive out of this. Buy yourself some flowers, if you can single women. Take yourself to a movie, are connected to a Netflix movie; etc. there are so many things that we can do for ourselves and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Wait on that special person whom God is preparing for you. Allow Him to direct your path, He knows who is for you, and who is not. So be joyful and say: I love Me!! Jesus Christ love’s Me!! People who are my family and friends, love Me!! Happy Bless Valentine To all the Married and Single Ladies. Valentine Day Is Everyday!! Not Just One Day!! Do you agree????

Betty Jo

” Thank You!! Jesus Christ…We Thank  You For Your Unconditional LOVE.” 🙂



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