” Remembering No More “

(Read: Jeremiah 31:31-37)

It happen again the other day. I entered the grocery store knowing I had to pick up three things. Items one and two came to me quickly, but in a “senior moment” I forgot what the thing was. (I hate it when that happen!) I chastised myself for not making a list. But even when I write a list, I usually leave it at home, stuck with a magnet to my refrigerator door. So I gave myself some time and  pushed my cart around. As I turned down the baking aisle, I remembered= flour. That’s what the third thing was!

It’s human to forget. But something happens and suddenly we are reminded of a past hurt, of an injustice, of a crushing blow or of a terrible sin in our lives. We forget about a grievance of long ago, perhaps even from our childhood, but then something comes up and the memory of the hurt and pain is revived. We can forget for a while, but then we drag it out of our memory bank. Now we remember.

God, on the other hand, doesn’t just forget about our indiscretions, our atrocious thoughts, our vile deeds. He remembers then no more. Have you thought about that? God doesn’t just forget something, only to be reminded of it again when we commit the same sin. He remembers it no more. It never, never crosses His mind again. If we blow it for the 30th time or the 500th time, He doesn’t keep count. “Oh there she goes again” is not a phrase He utters.

Nothing will remind Him our sin. Nothing will make Him search through His data base of indexed sins and find ours. Instead, He forgives us and remembers it no more. Done, finished, clean slate. What a joy. What a blessing. What a loving God! -Doris Wynbeek Rikkers-

Prayer: Dear loving Lord, thank You for forgiving us of all our sins. Thank You for Your wonderful gift of not remembering our past sinfulness and misdeeds. Help us to understand how completely and absolutely we are forgiven through Your love and grace. Amen!! Amen!!

POEM: From Darkness to Light

” The Lord is thy keeper” And in Him you’ll find strength to renew The body and mind… For He is our refuge From all kinds of harms, He protects us and holds us within loving arms, He turns tears to smiles, Darkness to light, And if things go wrong, He will make them all right. And whenever you need Him, He always is there-” The Lord is they keeper” And you’re in His care. -Alice Joyce Davidson-


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